Telltale’s ‘Minecraft Story Mode’ Ep. 4 Launches November 7th, Trailer Takes You Below the Bedrock

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Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 (Free) continues with Episode 4 hitting devices on November 7th. If you’ve been wanting to play Season 2 of Telltale’s Minecraft Story Mode I’d advise you to read Tasos’ review of Episode 1 and avoid reading anything about the latter episodes for spoiler reasons. Episode 4 titles “Below the Bedrock" and it takes you literally to a city below the bedrock. Jesse and the gang have narrowly escaped the Admin’s twisted prison and they find a forgotten city that isn’t completley abandoned. The tale continues as they try and discover the origins of the Admin. Watch the trailer for Episode 4 below:

Season 2 is a five part series and choices from Season 1 carry over into Season 2. If you missed Season 1 however, Season 2 is accessible to newcomers as well. Check out the forum thread for Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 here. Check out our reviews for the earlier episodes here.

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