‘Solomon’s Boneyard’ Has Been Updated with 64-Bit Support, New Perks, and More

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I think just about every iOS gamer out there has their own personal list of golden App Store oldies that they want to see updated with 64-bit compatibility. I don’t know about your lists, friends, but I’ve just scratched another one off of mine with the arrival of the latest update to Solomon’s Boneyard (Free), one of my very favorite twin-stick shooters on the platform. Just as Raptisoft did with the update to Solomon’s Keep (Free), however, the developer didn’t stop with just adding in 64-bit support. There are a bunch of new reasons to check out this classic’s newest version.

Of course, the star of the show here is the support for iOS 11, 64-bit architecture, and larger screen sizes. You can now play Solomon’s Boneyard on your latest device in sweet harmony. But huddle in, chums, because there’s more to see. The game’s perk system has been completely overhauled to allow more perks. I’m no scientist, but I think “more perks" is objectively better than “fewer perks". The magic inventory system has also seen some major changes that make it a lot easier to use. To go with all of this, Raptisoft has added new perks, new spells, and more unlockables. Yes, that means new content. NEW. CONTENT. Sorry for the caps, I’m very excited right now.

The game has also adopted a new monetization model to go with all of this. Instead of being outright free with options for donating, the game is now ad-driven. You can still buy bags of gold if you want, but you can also now watch video ads to get extra gold. And if you hate the idea of ads you didn’t ask for being slammed into your eye sockets, there’s an IAP to remove them. Raptisoft makes some money for a great game, you get to exchange money for a great game, and if you don’t have money, you can just watch some ads and get a great game anyway. It’s all good.

Anyway, if you want to see these new features and changes for yourself, either download the game or head on over to your update tab in the App Store and do that little thing. The Solomon games are both awesome treats that excel in their own ways, and I’m very happy that the developer was able to keep them going. Adding even more stuff to them is just the tasty cherry on top. And friends, I kind of like cherries on top of things.

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