‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is Coming to ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest’

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Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel’s latest movie, is about to take over every movie theater on the planet, and Marvel Puzzle Quest (Free) couldn’t stay out of the party. Starting today, a week before the film releases, the game will welcome a 5-Star Thor Gladiator and a new event called Sakaar Arena, both linked to the movies (which you’ll know if you’ve seen any of its many trailers). The Gladiator Thor will, of course, look like the movie, and as a bonus, the event will also include Hulk (again, the trailer shows you why he’s relevant). I don’t know if the game will manage to capture the comedy of the new movie, though.

This is the first time Marvel Puzzle Quest gets a 5-Star Thor. This version of Thor is still all about dealing massive damage and destroying random basic tiles when low on health. And he, of course, will come with new abilities, which you can read about in detail here. The developers will be running the Thor: Ragnarok event three times, the first to being all about Thor and the last one about Hulk. The event starts today and will run all the way until November 9th.

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