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Share ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ Friend ID Codes Here

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo’s upcoming Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp seems to be the next best thing in mobile gaming, even though the game is only out in Australia at the moment. Still, everyone is excited to finally have the very popular franchise on mobile phones. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp wants to make sure you’re playing with all your friends (peer pressure can really keep a game going), so it will give you all kinds of incentives to add your friends using their ID. Apparently, if you make a lot of friends, you’ll be able to shop for a bigger variety of items. Or if you want to visit let’s say Shovelstrike Quarry, you’ll other need to use Leaf Tickets or get help from a few friends (5 of them in this case).

So, it’s easy to see why you’ll need friends in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Fear not, though, because the TouchArcade community is nothing if not friendly, so make sure you head over here to share ID codes with other players. That way, you can enjoy the social part of what will be a very social mobile game. Remember, you can grab the game in soft launch in Australia or wait until it launches worldwide next month.