‘Stranger Things’ Comes to ‘Minecraft’ Today

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Everyone is caught up in the frenzy that is the new season of Netflix’s (admittedly great) Stranger Things, and Minecraft ($6.99) couldn’t sit this party out. So, starting today you can grab a Stranger Things skin pack from the Minecraft Marketplace. So now you and your friends can dress up as the gang from Stranger Things and go looking for monsters in the upside down. What you do have to keep in mind is that the skins cover both the first and the second season, which translates into some skins being possible spoilers for the second season. So, make sure to avoid checking them out if you want to stay away from any spoilers whatsoever.

I do wish we got more than just the skins though; a map of the neighborhood where Stranger Things takes place would have been fun given that it’s just an 80s typical neighborhood, not the kind of maps we usually get in Minecraft. Still, you can now wear Barb’s famous sweater or Eleven’s “cool" outfit. The Stranger Things skin pack is live now and is going to cost you 460 gold.

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