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‘Bubblegum Hero’ Brings Competitive Bubblegum Blowing to Your iOS and Android Devices on November 9th

Competitive bubble gum blowing is the most underrepresented sport on the entire planet. It’s true, that is a fact that you can totally look up on the internet or something. But Crimson Pine Games is here to rectify that great injustice with their new upcoming game Bubblegum Hero. In it you’ll be tasked with blowing bubbles of a certain size as represented by a circle on the screen. Your bubble begins to expand and you’ll need to use your quick reflexes to stop blowing when your bubble reaches the size of the designated circle. The more bubbles you successfully blow in a row, the higher your combo goes, but the difficulty rises too. Check out the trailer for Bubblegum Hero.

You’ll have a roster of 15 heroes to choose from to wage your fight against bubble blowing. Even more important than who you choose to play with is which type of gum you need to chew. The different gums in the game have different properties, and you’ll randomly draw a gum type before each round, so you’ll need to deal with that on the fly which adds to the challenge. Finally, you can play a “real life mode" which sees you physically blowing into the microphone of your device to blow bubbles. I doubt this will be more than a silly gimmick to show off at parties, but it’s still pretty cool. All in all Bubblegum Hero looks exactly like the type of twitchy arcade game I love, so I’ll be looking forward to its release on iOS and Android November 9th.