‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Launched Today and Nintendo has Released a New ‘8-Bit Super Mario Stickers’ Pack to Celebrate

Today is a momentous day in the world of video games at large as perhaps the most iconic video game character in history has launched his newest adventure on Nintendo’s Switch console. Super Mario Odyssey launched at midnight Eastern today, which meant that I was already staying up playing that when it came time to pre-order the new iPhone X when that went live at midnight Pacific. Yes, I’m tired today! Also, Super Mario Odyssey is bloody fantastic, and based on the reviews coming out over the past day or so (it is now the most well-reviewed video game of all time) I’m not the only one having fun. Anyway, while the Switch crowd is the only ones who get to enjoy Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo has released a fun new treat for iOS device-owning Mario lovers. It’s an 8-Bit Super Mario Stickers Pack [$1.99] which, as you can probably guess from its title, features 8-bit sticker versions of our favorite plumber.

As you can see in the screens above, it’s not just the original 8-bit Super Mario Bros. sprites available in this pack, but some have also been dressed up with some Super Mario Odyssey specific features, like that adorable Cappy cap that resides on Mario’s head during the game. This makes sense as in Super Mario Odyssey there are certain levels where you warp into a 2D plane and are transformed into classic 8-bit Mario to play through an old-school style portion of the level that mimics Super Mario Bros. Did I mention that this game is awesome? So if you’re an iOS sticker fan as well as a Mario fan, then today your dreams have come true with the release of this latest sticker pack. You can grab it for $1.99 using the link below, and if you’re among those playing Super Mario Odyssey be sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

App Store Link: 8-bit Super Mario Stickers, $1.99 (by Nintendo)