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Frenetic Action Runner ‘Crashbots’ Is Set to Collide Into the App Store on November 2nd

It may be a relatively tired genre, but I’m entirely behind shiny new takes on the auto-runner App Store archetype. The core principles may be consistent between each release, but there is so much scope to introduce interesting mechanics, exhilarating action and shiny graphics, and the auto-runner really does suit mobile to a tee. Crashbots caught my eye for these very reasons earlier this year, as its quirky isometric take on the genre created what former TouchArcade cynic Carter Dotson described as ‘an action game as much as a runner’, and I can’t really sum it up any better than that. After a lengthy beta testing period, developer Neon Chimp has announced that Crashbots will be hitting iOS and Android on November 2nd, alongside a pulsating new launch trailer showcasing some of the action to expect within the game.

The running and gunning action in the Crashbots trailer encapsulates the sort of frantic gameplay to expect within Neon Chimp’s latest release, but I’m also happy to report that the title doesn’t short-circuit when it comes to the amount of content available. With two different game modes to try out, five unlockable robots, and over 75 levels to tackle (and even more to come in successive updates), there is a lot to keep you occupied in Crashbots. The boss fights are perhaps the most intriguing element of the game, as their utilisation of auto-running lane swapping and targeting aiming is a particularly novel combo that will hopefully help Crashbots stand out from its contemporaries. Look out for Crashbots on November 2nd, and check out our forum thread for more details in the lead up to next week’s launch.