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‘Crashbots’ is an Action Runner That Needs Beta Testers

Neon Chimp, last seen making Super Hyper Ball (Free) for iOS, has a new game in teh works, and they need beta testers to help bring it to fruition. Crashbots mixes a few things up with the endless runner genre. First off, the game takes place from an isometric perspective. Second, the game is strongly based around shooting enemies and obstacles, with boss fights. This has the look of an action game as much as it is a runner. Third, you’ll have both levels to play through as well as an endless mode to try out.

This looks like a game with some potential to be quite fun! I like that it looks like an action game as much as a runner. And while I know some folks might be tired of auto-runners/endless runners, I’m not yet. I’m still seeing fantastic takes on the format. If you’re curious to help Neon Chimp out with this one, check out the forum thread for instructions to sign up for the beta test.