‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Celebrates Hallowe’en with a ‘Trick or Defeat’ Event

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One thing the developers behind the hit Nintendo mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes (Free) have learned is that seasonal variations of characters go over really well with the player base. With Hallowe’en being a relatively big deal in many countries around the world these days, it’s an easy slam dunk to dress up some favorite Fire Emblem characters in costumes and let the fans have at it. That’s just what Fire Emblem Heroes is doing with its new Trick or Defeat event, which is scheduled to run from October 30th through the end of November. As usual, Nintendo has released a video showing off the new heroes.

As usual, two male characters and two female characters have been selected for the event. From Fire Emblem Fates, Sakura and Jacob make an appearance dressed as a Nekomata (cat-girl from Japanese folk stories) and Frankenstein’s Monster respectively. Representing Fire Emblem Awakening are Henry done up as a vampire, and …sigh, Nowi dressed up as a witch. A witch who is going to catch her death of cold in chilly October weather. Would someone get this girl a proper outfit? You’d think in 1,000 years a dragon could find a decent pair of pants or something.

There will also be a new paralogue to play through which will at least net you some free orbs, and some associated quests that will help you stock up on all the thimbles and bits of fluff you need these days to play efficiently. Well look, I’m just a little salty because none of my favorites were included this time. But the nice thing about Fire Emblem is that everyone is someone’s favorite. I mean, except Bartre. So if one of your favorites is included in this particular event, you know what you have to do.

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