‘Turn Undead: Monster Hunter’ Is a Vampire-Slaying Turn-Based Platformer From Nitrome, Out Now on the App Store

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The vast majority of Nitrome’s output strikes a chord with me, as their App Store releases tend to epitomise the characteristics of mobile gaming that I absolutely adore. Their games normally have one particularly innovative and memorable core mechanic, which tends to flip expectations of a certain genre or gaming trope on its head. Alongside accessible controls and endlessly replayable high-scoring challenges, Nitrome have really struck gold with their mobile gaming formula, and hopefully this streak is not about to end any time soon. Turn Undead: Monster Hunter (Free) is Nitrome’s latest App Store release, and features turn-based platforming action under a spooky Halloween aesthetic.

Yes, you read that right – Turn Undead’s gimmick is turn-based platforming. In a similar vein to dungeon crawling RPG equivalent titles, enemies and the environment will react after every move you make in Turn Undead. Of course, the fact that platforming games are normally based on reactions means that the decrepit environments you must explore are relatively simple to navigate, and in truth Turn Undead is more like a strategy game from a slightly different perspective. However, I like how your vampire slaying protagonist is able to fire his stake gun to create platforms to climb on, and the turn-based nature of the action means Turn Undead should be another easily accessible casual romp with its intuitive swiping controls. I’m almost wanting a fully fleshed out release with the same concept, but Turn Undead and its ad-supported monetisation will fill a void while hiding from trick-or-treaters this Halloween. Download Turn Undead: Monster Hunter now, and let us know if the game has haunted your dreams on our forum thread.

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