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Nintendo’s ‘Animal Crossing’ Presentation Starts in 30 Minutes

It’s almost time, guys. In about 30 minutes from now, Nintendo will give us an Animal Crossing Mobile Direct video presentation that will finally unveil more details about the upcoming mobile version of the much-beloved series. The stream starts at 8PM PT, and you can watch it on the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel, which we have embedded in this story. The video presentation will last around 15 minutes and, as Nintendo emphasized, will be focused exclusively on the Animal Crossing mobile title, a move that shows Nintendo is serious about making sure this game gets a lot of attention.

As for how the game will actually play, it’s hard to know because we haven’t had any details revealed so far, even though the game was announced quite some time ago. We do know that a few months ago, Nintendo of American President, Reggie Fils-Aime, talked about Animal Crossing on mobile as a means to “help broaden the user base" for the IP. Make of that statement what you will. So, grab some popcorn, and let the Animal Crossing show begin.