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‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ Closed Beta Info Coming Tomorrow

If you’re one of many anxiously waiting to get their hands on Magic: The Gathering Arena beta (even if it’s a PC beta at the moment), you might want to watch the upcoming developer stream tomorrow at 1PM PDT. This is the stream where the developers will share with us what’s in store for the MTG Arena closed beta, so it’s definitely one to watch if you’re looking to find out some details. I expect us to hear more about when it’s starting, how the invites will be sent out, what cards will be available during the beta, whether we’ll get to keep the cards after the beta is concluded, and so on.

I know that this beta isn’t for mobile devices, but—judging from how the game looks and what it’s trying to do—I expect the mobile version (if, of course, it’s developed) to look and play just like the PC client. Are you looking forward to Magic: The Gathering Arena, and are you happy with what you’ve seen about the game so far?