A ‘Minecraft’ Miniseries Coming from Mattel

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Minecraft ($6.99) is so huge that it has captured almost every corner of pop culture—toys, games, novels—and today we got an announcement about a new endeavor from those behind the huge franchise: a YouTube miniseries. Specifically, we are getting a Mattel miniseries based on the company’s Minecraft Mini-Figures. Challenge of the Spooky Isles, as the miniseries is titled, is all about a Hunger Games-like contest where ten crafters are teleported to a strange island and have to survive the crazy challenges while also settling their rivalries. As you can see from the trailer, the miniseries is definitely geared towards a younger audience, but I’ll still watch it because I enjoy pretty much anything Minecraft. And I do like the way they managed to keep the blockiness and still make it cute.

The miniseries will consist of 8 episodes, with the first one launching this Thursday on the Mattel Action YouTube channel. Will it be fun to watch? It does seem to be focused a bit too much on the killing things part of Minecraft, which isn’t personally my favorite part of the game, but if you like Minecraft, you’ll probably enjoy the series, especially if you’re a younger player. Next stop for Minecraft? Possibly TV.

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