The ‘Hearthstone’ Dual Class Arena Is Live—One Free Arena for Everyone

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It’s the scariest time of the year in Hearthstone (Free) as the Hallow’s End celebrations have officially commenced, and they have done with a special dual-class Arena mode, the first of its kind. As we’ve talked about in an earlier story, in this special Halloween Arena you get to pick a Hero and then a Hero power, and the cards you’ll get to build your deck will come from both of those classes (in addition to neutral cards of course). As you can imagine, reddit has been trying to figure out the best hero combo to rule the Arena, and so far Warlock/Priest seems to get plenty of votes as does anything with Rogue. Mage/Shaman isn’t too shabby either apparently. And, of course, you got many players complaining about this Arena not being balanced, which is probably the most obvious observation ever.

Hearthstone players have always wondered how the game would feel if we could pick two classes instead of one but haven’t had the chance to find out (other than in some Tavern Brawls). So, if you’ve also wondered how it would feel to play dual-hero decks, this Arena is your chance to find out. And we all get one free Arena (and two free Old Gods packs), so no excuse not to check it out.

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