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Fish Flopping Arcade Game ‘Corporate Salmon’ Releasing November 16th

Salmon swim upstream to lay their eggs, and employees have to climb up the “corporate ladder" to fulfill their work destinies. It’s like, those two things are basically the same things. So indie developer Alex Johansson decided that mashing the instinctual behavior of salmon and the innate drive of corporate America together into a mobile game would be a great idea, and we can’t really argue with that. The game is called Corporate Salmon and it has you flopping your way to the top of the corporate ladder, er escalator I guess, as you battle for dominance in the world of business fish. Check out the trailer.

We talked about Corporate Salmon back in July, and it appears that a lot of stuff has been added and fleshed out in the time since then. In fact, the thread in our forums has been an interesting read as Johansson has used it as a dev log of sorts and you can see the thought process that’s gone into shaping the game during its development. It’s certainly worth a read if you’re interested in how games are made, and also to get a full grasp of all the features that will be in Corporate Salmon. Also the developer has recently announced that Corporate Salmon has been submitted and approved by Apple and that it will be officially launching on November 16th. So get ready to flop your way to the top in just a few weeks.