‘Waggle Words’ Is a Spelling Game With Sublime Graphical Effects, Out Now on the App Store

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Its title doesn’t really mean anything, and the gameplay mechanics in the app description don’t sound like a particularly innovative take on the word game genre that titles like SpellTower ($2.99) have already defined. However, Waggle Words ($4.99) excels amongst its peers in a far more unconventional and unexpected way for puzzle games – with some pretty ridiculous graphical effects. The ‘beehive’ that holds all of the letters for Waggle Words is fully 3D, and developer Vermont Digital Arts has created some pretty neat visual fireworks as the alphabet slowly dissipates across the board. It may be a little unnecessary, but it is oh so pretty and worth checking out, especially as Waggle Words is now available to download on the App Store.

Graphical fidelity aside, Waggle Words does have some nice features that could challenge the genre giants for a position on your shiny new iPhone. Unlimited levels, various game modes and a really interesting wind-based soundtrack help create atmosphere and give a lot of content for word game fanatics. The beehive concept is also quite novel, and works well with the Augmented Reality mode that should be a fun gimmick for those with the latest devices. However, it is the graphics that distinguish Waggle Words, and serve as a refreshing (and likely battery-draining) alternative to the primarily 2D experiences that are already available. Waggle Words works as both a showcase of the iPhone’s potential and an engrossing option for puzzle game fans, and hopefully will open the floodgates for even more similar titles pushing the boundaries of what mobile is capable of. Download Waggle Words for $4.99 on the App Store today, and create words in the form of impressions and feedback on our forum thread.

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    Waggle Words is a strategic word search game set inside a beehive. Flying letters, chains of words, and a swarming hive …
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