‘INFINIROOM’ Is an Excellent Endless Platformer in an Ever-Expanding Arena, Out Now on the App Store

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The weekend isn’t perhaps the most popular or conventional time to debut your new iOS game onto the digital equivalent of The Hunger Games that is the App Store, but that doesn’t mean some rather excellent titles haven’t snuck onto our forums on Saturday or Sunday. It does mean that combing through the App Store at the start of every week is quite exciting, as there’s every chance something blindsides me that looks particularly appealing. INFINIROOM (Free) is the next game to have such a status, and takes a really clever spin on the auto-runner genre at a point where I thought there wasn’t much room (pun not intended) for innovation in one of the App Store’s most tired gameplay mechanics. I’ve had a lot of run with INFINIROOM this morning, and the game is now available for free on the App Store worldwide if you want something to get past that moody Monday feeling.

As you may expect from the title’s portmanteau of ‘Infinite’ and ‘Room’, your protagonist perpetually runs around an ever-growing confined space, with numerous obstacles that must be traversed. However, the room constantly grows in size, slowly affecting the very nature of the level. The random nature of how INFINIROOM keeps on expanding is a big part of why the game is so compelling, as you never know what could happen as you slowly start surviving longer into runs. An incredibly simple two button control scheme, coupled with four different characters that have awesome special abilities, give INFINIROOM a surprising amount of depth, as well as great scope to develop further in future updates. The game’s quirky mechanics and deceptive simplicity are extremely reminiscent of Nitrome’s output crossed with something like Super Hexagon ($2.99), which is a fantastic compliment if there ever was any. Give INFINIROOM a spin today, and let us know whether you think INFINIROOM is infinite fun on our forum thread.


    INFINIROOM is a unique take on the runner genre - pitting you in a single, constantly changing room. • Run in a room …
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