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Tencent’s Cyberpunk ‘San Giorli’ Looks Great, Coming October 12th

China’s Tencent Games, which is getting ready to bring the hugely successful Arena of Valor to the US, is also promoting the development of smaller indie games, and the upcoming San Giorli is a great example of that push. San Giorli is a cyberpunk atmospheric puzzle game that was the winner of Tencent’s annual Mini-Game Competition, a competition aimed at helping young developers. San Giorli takes place in a city with the same name, a world at the junction of three galaxies and, at one time in its history, the largest transportation and trading center in the universe. You play as the Captain, a technician originally from San Giorli, who has made his way back to the town for the first time in a long time.

But, as is the case with every similar reunion, things aren’t like they used to. San Giorli is pretty devastated, no longer bathed in that trademark of all cyberpunk stories, neon lights. So, you set out to repair the damage that’s been done by reconnecting cables, in the process solving physics-based puzzles. Apparently, the developers wanted to draw attention to issues of preservation of culture in the midst of urbanization. As you can see from the trailer above, the game looks gorgeous. The game will release October 12th, so just around the corner.