‘Clash Royale’ Quests Revealed in First Sneak Peek

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Supercell has started teasing features for Clash Royale‘s (Free) upcoming update, and the first one we got to see today is Quests, which are a great way of giving players reasons to come back and play beyond just having fun and grinding coins. These Quests will eventually replace the game’s Achievements, which weren’t working that well if we are honest. We will now have both daily and weekly Quests, and the rewards for them will include Super Magical and Legendary Chests. As you can see from the video below, Quests include collecting a specific number of cards, winning a 2v2 Battle 5 times, play a spell card 50 times, and so on. As is the case with every other game of this type, you can replace one Quest per day if you don’t like what’s being offered.

Quests will be a great addition to Clash Royale as long as they aren’t too crazy or too difficult to complete. Any feature that allows players to get their hands on more cards can only help. The upcoming update should be a big one, especially with the whole new Touchdown mode coming, so expect to hear about many more features coming our way.

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