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Ragdolls Go Medieval in ‘Foolball’, Out November 9th

A few months back we wrote about the upcoming Fooball, a medieval ball game with silly ragdolls, and today we learned that the game is scheduled to release November 9th. Ragdoll physics games are very popular on the App Store (Flip Master has been hovering in the top 5 paid games on the App Store for some time now) partly because of their hilarity, and, judging from the trailer, Foolball will have plenty of hilarity as well. The game is all about 2 gladiators battling until the king is pleased. And since this is medieval times, they use the king’s fool as the ball and burning loops as the goals. Humane.

The game was scheduled for a summer release, but the developers continued adding features and polishing, and now the game is coming out with an arcade mode with 10 stages and a boss fight at the end, an endless mode with global leaderboards, different missions all about showing off your skill, and more than 20 characters to unlock and play as. The developers are welcoming any feedback from our forum members, so head over there if you have any ideas on how to make Foolball better.