‘Clash Royale’ Radio Royale Talks Touchdown, Casual Challenges, 2v2

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Clash Royale (Free) these days is all about the upcoming new mode called Touchdown (which we talked about over the weekend), and the latest episode of the official podcast Radio Royale talked more about how they came up with the new mode. They talk about how they started removing different parts of the normal arena in order to make a mode that feels different, and that’s how Touchdown came about. They removed the towers, rivers, bridges, etc, and then had to think about how you would score in this new mode. They go on to talk about different versions of scoring and how they settled in the way the scoring works now. They also go into why some of the cards were pretty broken and, therefore, have limits in the way they can be deployed.

The podcast goes into changes coming to Challenges as well, with the introduction of Casual Challenges, which will be, well, more casual than your normal challenges. In these challenges you don’t get kicked out due to losses. And there are also multi-stage challenges coming, where challenges will consist of (for instance) Casual Challenges that then lead into Pro ones. Some fun info in this podcast, so check it out.

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