Awesome Puzzler ‘follow.trail’ Has Been Updated With iPad Support, Leaderboards and Much More

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It’s been a great year for fun new puzzle games to challenge the brain, distract from things we need distraction from, and waste a little time now and again. One of the best of the bunch has been minimalist path-clearing game follow.trail (Free). This is one I’ve played quite a bit and don’t see dropping from my phone anytime soon, especially given a huge new update has launched for the game today. The update will bring iPad support along with iCloud sync so you can switch between devices, a leader board so you can prove you’re the best there is, the ability to replay levels you’ve already beaten, and some new goodies to discover. Let’s just say follow.trail has a meta puzzle in need of solving perhaps even a secret ending.

Check out my four-and-a-half star review for all the reasons follow.trail is worth checking out. The developer is active in our forums, and you can check out more about the game there. If you act quickly you may even find an iOS promo code or two so you can check out the game for free. With so many new features, it’s cool to see follow.trail continued to be expanded on after launch, and hopefully this new update is the first of many over the coming months.

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    Follow.trail is a minimalist puzzle game, where the goal is to follow the trail of dots without leaving anything behind.…
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