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‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ Q&A Tomorrow on Twitch

If you’ve read our earlier story on Magic: The Gathering Arena, you’ll know that we are very excited about the possibility of playing Magic on mobile devices without having to suffer through the weirdness that was Duels more often than not (for instance, being too casual for hardcore players and too hardcore for casuals). We got a lot of information about the game on its inaugural stream, and tomorrow at 1 PM PST, we’ll have the chance to find out even more about the upcoming game.

Specifically, during that time, the Arena team will answer all your questions and will also talk about the upcoming streams that will show more of the game. The stream will include Principal Game Designer Chris Clay and Community Manager Nate Price, so we should get some good information. If you have any questions for them, make sure to drop in on the stream and ask. What everyone is hoping for is an idea of when the open beta will start, but I’m more curious about the way the digital and physical versions of the game will integrate and about any additional modes coming to the game. Let’s hope we get some good answers.