‘Clash of Clans’ Builder Hall 7 Update Adds Giant Cannot and Drop Ship

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Get ready for more Clash of Clans (Free) content as the Builder Base 7 update, coming soon, will add the Giant Cannon defense and the Drop Ship attack troop. As shown in the live stream of the tournament that ended earlier today, the Giant Cannon is a defensive building that you can unlock at BH level 7. The Giant Cannon has a range of 9 and 5 seconds attack speed. This building shoots giant cannonballs that keep going after hitting a unit, unlike the normal cannonballs that stop when they hit a target. As you would expect, the Giant Cannon does a lot of damage per shot but is pretty slow. Specifically, at Level 1 the Giant Cannon does 125 per shot and takes 12 hours to build, while at level 7 it does 222 damage per shot and takes 4 days to build.

The other unit revealed today was the Drop Ship, a fun-looking balloon that drops skeletons instead of bombs. The Drop Ship won’t do any damage itself until it’s destroyed. Upon destruction, it activates a special ability called Skeleton Burst, which deals damage and spawns extra skeletons. The Drop Ship attacks whatever target is closest, but it will prioritize attacking Guard Post troops. The unit looks really cool, but it of course remains to be seen how powerful it will end up being. Expect the update to hit the game soon.

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