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‘Modern Combat Versus’ Launching Worldwide this Thursday

After getting initially outed in a promotional video in October of last year, Gameloft pulled the curtain back on the latest entry in the Modern Combat series, Modern Combat Versus, in early April of this year. They supplemented that original announcement with a developer Q&A the following day, and less than a week later Modern Combat Versus was soft-launched in the Philippines App Store. We’ve seen several updates to the game as well as an expansion into more territories during its soft-launch, but the one question on most gamers’ minds since all that was when the heck would Modern Combat Versus officially launch? Gameloft finally answered that just a few short moments ago.

That’s right, Modern Combat Versus is launching globally this Thursday, September 28th. Seeing as the soft-launch of the game was region locked I’m betting there’s quite a few eager gamers out there that didn’t bother downloading the game early and dealing with connecting through a VPN in order to try it out. So this Thursday will likely be the first time many previous Modern Combat players will get to experience the latest game in the series. As the name implies, this title is entirely focused on online multiplayer with no single-player story campaign in sight. Depending on what portions of the previous games you enjoyed most, that’s either a deal breaker or welcome news. It’ll be interesting to see if Modern Combat Versus can build up an active and loyal player base, especially with the mobile eSports scene starting to take off. We’ll have answers to many of these questions after this Thursday and we’ll let you know as soon as Modern Combat Versus officially goes live.