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‘Modern Combat Versus’ Soft Launches in Philippines

After its reveal last week, the people demanded to know: when would Modern Combat Versus soft launch? The answer is right flippin’ now as you can pick up Modern Combat Versus in the Philippines App Store. Note that the game is region-locked for now but it should be expanding soon. Gameloft said the game would soft launch this week, so you might be able to take their word on this one, and hopefully should be able to play without too many shenanigans soon.

While you’re waiting for Modern Combat: Versus, check out our big article revealing a bunch of details about this multiplayer-focused shooter, the next in the long-running Modern Combat series. And, the developer Q&A might have some interesting details for you. While you will either need to live in the Philippines or have a VPN to play the game right now, we’ll be sure to let you know when we find out the region lock is gone. Might not be a bad idea to get it downloaded and ready now, using our soft launch guide. And if you are playing, check out the forum thread for the game.

Philippines App Store Link: Modern Combat Versus