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Gameloft Teases ‘Modern Combat Versus’, ‘Gangstar New Orleans’, and ‘Zombie Anarchy’ in New Trailer

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Gameloft has released its Blockbuster Showreel for 2016/17 showcasing one soft-launched game, Zombie Anarchy, and the upcoming Modern Combat Versus, Gangstar New Orleans, and Asphalt Xtreme. Zombie Anarchy is a combat strategy game where you collect various survivors – each with unique abilities or weapons – and then take out zombies coming for your camp or even raid rival players in an attempt to keep your camp supplied and, of course, mess with them. Gangstar New Orleans is Gameloft’s take on the GTA franchise and the sequel to Gangstar Vegas, which was overall positively received. We’ve already written about Asphalt Xtreme, and if you haven’t registered for the game, you should do so because you’ll get some in-game bonuses.

The biggest game in this reel is, of course, Modern Combat Versus, which looks pretty good in that trailer. Judging from the name, this game will be primarily (if not solely) about PvP, so if multiplayer is not your thing, I think this version of Modern Combat won’t be for you. Stay tuned for more information on all these upcoming games.

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