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5v5 Real-Time Combat ‘Tango 5’ Has Soft Launched

If you’re looking for a quick shooter game where you and 4 others can take on teams of 5 in real-time combat, Tango 5 is probably a game you should keep an eye on. The game, which has soft launched in the Philippines today, has you competing with other teams in best of three matches, with each round lasting only 99 second, which should be great for shooting people on the go. The developers are emphasizing that teamwork and precise maneuvering will be essential if you want to win your matches, but that all depends on how well you can communicate with your teammates and whether the game actually promotes cooperation.

The soft-launched version of the game includes your typical multiplayer mode where you either have to capture battlefield objectives or eliminate the enemy team. And, as you would expect, the game is free-to-play, but—again as you would expect—the developer is saying that Tango 5 isn’t pay-to-win, which we’ll have to see in action. If you have an account in the Philippines App Store, you can download Tango 5 from this link. If not, you can use our soft-launch guide to get a Philippines account. If you’re an Android player, you can find the game here, and in the meantime, head over to our forum thread to talk to potential teammates and enemies about the game.