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Award-Winning ‘Roll for the Galaxy’ Getting a Digital Port Soon

Get ready for another great digital port as Roll for the Galaxy, the award-winning dice game of building space empires, is on its way to the digital realm. In Roll for the Galaxy, your dice represents your people, and you’ll have to (as is usually the case) direct them to develop new technologies, settle other worlds, and transport goods across the galaxy. The player who better manages their workers and builds the best and more prosperous empire wins the game. Think of the game as a dice version of the popular Race for the Galaxy. The game has won quite a few awards and is number 36 on the BoardGameGeek Strategy rankings, which is pretty good.

The game isn’t too complex, so it doesn’t come with as steep a learning curve as other similar management games. While Roll for the Galaxy will come with a multiplayer mode, its single player mode should offer plenty of challenge since it will feature a new neural network AI developed by Keldon Jones. If you’ve played Race for the Galaxy, which comes with an earlier version of this neural network AI, you’ll know that it’s a serious challenge. We have no release date yet, but stay tuned for an upcoming beta test.