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Do a Barrel Roll in the Stunning Low Poly Stunt Racer ‘REKT!’, Coming Soon to the App Store

Before I truly got into iOS gaming, I didn’t think I was a particularly big fan of racing games. Beyond the accessible arcade classic kart racers like Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing, the nuances of driving were simply too much for my impressionable ten year old mind. However, experiencing games such as the hyper realism of Real Racing 3 (Free), the meticulous action of Rush Rally 2 ($0.99), and even the sheer high-octane chaos of Jet Car Stunts ($1.99) completely changed my perspective on the driving genre, especially on mobile. The suitably titled upcoming release REKT! appears to follow the stunt-based shenanigans of Trueaxis’s iconic App Store series, as you flip, boost and barrel roll around beautiful low-polygon playground amidst a slick 60 frames per second.

Even though the developer cites REKT! as the result of a side project for the creators of the game, the attention to detail and care that has been put into the title is immediately evident from the stunning teaser trailer. The game’s environment is just begging to be explored, and the ability to choose numerous different cars will allow enthusiastic racers to hilariously spin their ‘B Team Van’ (I assume the A Team didn’t return the developer’s call) around the spiralling ramps that are generously placed around the levels. While there may be a few reservations over how many different maps may be playable within the game, a speculative free release with minor ads is promising, and give the developers a lot to build on in future updates. I’m totally sold on the early glimpses that Little Chicken Game Company has provided of their upcoming stunt racer in our forum thread, and can’t wait to get riggity wrecked in REKT! when it launches in the near future.