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Clever Co-Op Puzzler ‘Our Ways’ Will Be Looking for Love on the App Store on October 11th

While the benefits of a relationship sure are plentiful, their very nature necessitates a huge deal of challenge and commitment, and it doesn’t take long to stumble upon some convoluted horror stories around the internet. Thankfully, Our Ways has all the qualities of a relationship but is, well, actually fun. Through controlling two separate lovestruck circles with different sides of the screen, you must use your reactions and delicate controls to unite the protagonists in temporary bliss – at least until the next level. It’s an ingenious concept that has repeatedly impressed us on previous glimpses in the past, and today the developers have announced that Our Ways will be launching as a $1.99 premium release on October 11th, as well as sharing an official trailer that gives a nice impression of the adorable concept of the title.

As I said in the previous beta testing request post last month, Our Ways is one of the rare games that I think would work better on the Nintendo Switch than on iOS, as its separate controls of the dots would fit perfectly with the Joy-Con controllers. That being said, I think Our Ways would work brilliantly two-player on the bigger screen of an iPad, and even serve as a challenging single-player romp on the iPhone. One particularly clever aspect that is evident from the trailer is Our Ways’ emphasis on waiting to solve many of the puzzles. As well as being a nod to the importance of patience in real-world relationships, it gives another element to the puzzle gameplay that isn’t purely about meticulous controls and rapid-fire reactions. 8 themes, 64 handcrafted levels, and some calming piano music in the background wrap up what looks like a truly innovative puzzle release – for more information on the lead up to its October 11th launch, check out the Our Ways thread on our forums.