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Lovestruck Minimalist Puzzler ‘Our Ways’ Is Looking for Beta Testers on Our Forums

In 1969, legendary singer and actor Frank Sinatra famously declared that ‘I did it my way’. In 2001, equally legendary frontman and American icon Fred Durst stated that it’s ‘my way or the highway’ as part of nu-metal trailblazers Limp Bizkit. Now, in 2017, developers Rolling Pig Studio are looking challenge this individualistic way of thinking with their upcoming game Our Ways, which explores the concept of relationships through its compelling puzzle game mechanics. With two virtual joysticks, you must control two separate sentient blobs that are looking for love, and navigate obstacles to ensure the pair connect and find true circular happiness. We were impressed with Our Ways’ intuitive and unique concepts in our first glimpse back in May, and since then the developer has been actively sharing their progress on our forum thread. With the game gearing up to its imminent release, Rolling Pig Studio are now looking for beta testers to sign up and try out Our Ways on our forum thread.

My favorite part of Our Ways is how, through its separate virtual joysticks, it technically caters for co-op multiplayer on one device. It may be the convenient blue and pink coloration of the characters, but I’m getting a similar vibe to those ambitious YouTubers who tried to force multiplayer into Nintendo Switch games by sharing JoyCons. Either way, it’s a novel idea, and perhaps Our Ways can act as more than a clever metaphor of relationships through actual physical teamwork in controlling the lovestruck protagonists. Our Ways is definitely an upcoming puzzle title worth keeping tabs on, and if you have fallen in love with the early previews of the game, be sure to sign up for the beta testing phase on our forum thread.