‘Gladiator Heroes’ Going AR the Day iOS 11 Launches, September 19th

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iOS 11 and ARKit are almost upon us, and even though Apple didn’t go into it too much during yesterday’s presentation, Augmented Reality has the potential to add some very fun and new features to iOS gaming. Games are already jumping on the AR bandwagon, and the mobile strategy game Gladiator Heroes (Free) will be among the first to add AR features. Specifically, Gladiator Heroes will receive an update on September 19th, the day iOS 11 and ARKit launch. The new update will let players enjoy gladiatorial combat in “real life," which actually looks quite fun and is definitely going to be a great thing to show to people who still don’t have a good grasp of what AR can do.

The new feature allows you to see the battle unfold from any angle and any zoom level you desire just by moving your phone around. While strategically it might not make a difference, it definitely makes the battles more fun. And given that the game already supports ReplayKit, you’ll be able to stream or record those AR battles. Hop over to our forums to find out more about Gladiator Heroes. I can’t wait to see what else developers can do with augmented reality and iOS 11.

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