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‘Tiltagon’ Makes Its Return to the App Store this Thursday with the Release of ‘Tiltagon Turbo’

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Way back in late 2014 we first heard about Tiltagon from Kiemura Games, which was trying to be a twitchy arcade high scoring game in a similar vein to the ultra popular Super Hexagon ($2.99) but make it work with the unique tilt controls of mobile devices. The following April Tiltagon finally released with publishing duties courtesy of Noodlecake Games, and while we felt it was a bit too one note in our review we enjoyed the base concept of the game which felt a bit like the love child of Super Hexagon and Marble Madness. And, despite being somewhat shallow, Kiemura did succeed in creating a twitchy arcade game with excellent tilt controls. Since that time, the publishing deal with Noodlecake has expired and Tiltagon has been removed from the App Store. With Kiemura back in control of the IP, they’ve decided to release a revamped version of the game under their own label called Tiltagon Turbo.

As you can see, compared to the original Tiltagon, Tiltagon Turbo has received a nice graphical boost and just like the first game it will feature a set of pre-designed levels to complete as well as an endless, procedurally generated high-scoring mode. Tiltagon Turbo will feature 18 pre-designed levels compared to the first game’s 10, and the endless mode will come with three flavors of difficulty to choose. There are also 50 different kinds of balls to unlock either through playing or buying outright as IAP. Oh, and for your tilt haters out there, a new virtual analog stick touch control option will be available for you. Additionally, Tiltagon Turbo will have iOS specific features like ReplayKit Livestreaming, iMessage Stickers and Game Center leaderboards and achievements. The game is set to arrive this Thursday and will be free with ads and a one-time IAP to remove them, so if you enjoyed the original Tiltagon be sure to give its Turbo re-release a spin later this week.


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