‘neoDefense’ is a Modern Take on ‘geoDefense’ That our Community Loves

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If you have fond memories of geoDefense ($1.99) and geoDefense Swarm ($1.99) but are bummed that neither title have been updated to be a 64-bit binary that will survive past iOS 11 and still want to play a similar tower defense game, take a look at neoDefense ($0.99) which has become a bit of a forum favorite over the last week or so. Like geoDefense, neoDefense is a very no frills tower defense game, with very simple geometric graphics. Where the game doesn’t skimp (again, just like geoDefense) is in the particle effects department. As you get loads of towers out, and enemies begin rampaging through your defenses, the screen looks like a fireworks show.

Take a look at the trailer to see what I’m talking about:

It’s really hard to come up with a whole lot of unique things to say about neoDefense because it feels so on the nose as a geoDefense riff. When I started playing it, I found myself thinking, “Wow, this really is a pretty basic tower defense game," but as I got more into it I started remembering just how much I like these ultra-pure tower defense titles. neoDefense also feels delightfully retro in the grand scheme of iOS gaming, as not only does it have the no-frills gameplay I mentioned, but it’s also a premium title with an associated lite version- A practice that all but seems to vanish in the current free to play world of the App Store.

For two bucks you get two “sectors" of levels which consist of 15 levels a piece, and there’s one additional level pack avaialble as IAP. From the looks of the game’s menu, there’s more content on the way too. The coolest part of neoDefense is just how active the developer is in our forums. So, not only do we have a game that perfectly fits in with what the core audience of TouchArcade seems to love, but the community is actively working with the developer to improve the game. It’s always great seeing things like that.

If you’re on the fence the fence, download the lite version and give it a go, but keep in mind neither (as of this writing) are universal. Make sure you give it a few levels as the first level starts out really slow, and if you aren’t sure how anything in the game works, give the above video a watch. There’s not a whole lot of tutorial to speak of.

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