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Inkle Shows Off New ‘Heaven’s Vault’ 360 Screenshot, and It Looks Great

Everything Inkle releases I pretty much buy without thinking twice about it because this developer always delivers amazing experiences. It’s not surprising, then, that I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Heaven’t Vault, and if the recently released 360 screenshot is anything to go by, the game will look amazing. As you can see in the tweet below, Inkle released its first Screenshot Saturday, and it’s an early glimpse of what we should expect from Heaven’s Vault. The screenshot shows a lush forest—which is apparently a rare find in the Nebula—and El and Six, our two protagonists. While there isn’t much else we can make out of this screenshot, it does show the game’s fantastic art and the way El’s design is a throwback of sorts to older adventure games.

Heaven’s Vault, in case you haven’t been following our stories on it, is a game where you play as Aliya “El" Elsara, who travels across the Nebula with her robot assistant, Six. The game has a very interesting way of developing a procedural narrative (which we talked about here), and it overall looks like it’s going to be another gem of a game from a developer accustomed to giving us those. No word of a release date yet, but definitely keep an eye out for this game.