‘Cat Quest’ Will Claw into Android Devices on September 15th

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Cat Quest ($4.99) launched on iOS and Steam last month and it will finally see an Android release. The Gentlebros’ sophomore release after Slashy Hero is a very interesting and fun open world action RPG that plays great on mobile. Build your own hero up with abilities, loot, and more through Cat Quest. If you’re an Android only gamer and have had your eye on this, the wait is nearly over. You will be able to get your paws on Cat Quest on Google Play in less than 2 weeks. Until then, check out the launch trailer for the original release below:

‘Cat Quest’ was our Game of the Week a few weeks ago. Android gamers can purr with glee because it’ll hit Google Play from September 15th. The iOS and Steam release is fully premium with no in app purchases. Check out our forum thread for it here.

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