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‘Rusty Lake Paradise’ Is the Next Game From the Fantastic Developer of ‘Cube Escape’ Series

Rusty Lake has been giving us some really cool (and creepy) games, and today the developers announced that the next premium game currently under development is called Rusty Lake Paradise, which apparently many players had already guessed. The game is set on an 18th century remote island that’s cursed with the 10 plagues (as any island tends to be). You’ll have to explore the island, interact with your (probably very weird) family, and vanquish the plagues. And since this is a Rusty Lake kind of island, there’s surely to be a constant sense of dread and weirdness that has become a staple of Rusty Lake and Cube Escape games. The developers feel Rusty Lake Paradise will have even better visuals than previous games and new gameplay ideas. And by allowing players to traverse the island, Rusty Lake Paradise should feel different from previous Rusty Lake adventures.

I know many of you are very fond of anything by Rusty Lake, and I’m glad to see the developers continue to improve on the already very successful recipe of previous games. The game is scheduled for release in Q4 2017, and you can read the developer blog for more information.