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‘Runventure’ is a Clever One-Thumb Platformer from the Makers of ‘Timberman’ we Played at PAX West

Digital Melody was at PAX West showing off Timber Tennis (Free) which is getting a Nintendo Switch release, but they also had an iPad loaded up with some of their upcoming mobile stuff, one of which is a very interesting platformer called Runventure. The idea is that it’s a platformer that can be played with one thumb. Using a slider at the bottom, you’ll slide left or right to move in that direction, with how far you slide it being how fast your character runs. Here’s the twist: At the same time, as you slide a line creates an arc sort of like firing a bird in Angry Birds, and when you lift up your thumb your character will jump. Check out the video.

It’s definitely a tricky thing to wrap your head around at first, but even in just a few minutes of playing Runventure I started to warm up to the control scheme and it actually works quite well. It’s refreshing to see a developer trying to create a one-handed platformer that doesn’t involve auto-running so I feel like there’s some real potential with Runventure. No specifics on when it will be released but we’ll keep our eye on its development.