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‘Find the Balance’ is a Puzzle-Like Object Balancing Game we Played at PAX West

One of the other games we checked out here at PAX West from Timberman developer Digital Melody was a neat balancing game aptly titled Find the Balance. The goal here is to stack all of the items shown at the top of the screen and have them balance long enough to clear the level, which felt like about 5 seconds or so. Easier said than done. You choose which items to stack in whatever order you choose, and one of the keys is to rotate the objects so that they will stack properly. It’s probably best explained by just watching our hands-on video of Find the Balance below.

I feel like there’s been a ton of stacking and balancing game on mobile over the years, but Find the Balance has a nice puzzle element to it by way of choosing the order of the objects you stack, finding their proper position by rotating them, and working within the confines of the stationary points in the level which you stack your objects on. I also really like the wacky variety of objects in the game. We’ll keep an eye on Find the Balance and let you know when word on a release date comes.