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‘Suzy Cube’ Developer Talks Making Mobile Controls Feel Good

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We’ve been looking forward to the upcoming Suzy Cube for some time, especially because we really liked how well it played when we got a chance to check it out at GDC 2016. This 3D platformer works great on the touchscreen, so when I saw that Suzy Cube‘s developer, Louis-Nicolas Dozois, had written a blog post on how he developed the game’s controls, I was immediately interested. I enjoy reading about game development from those actually in the midst of it because it gives me a better sense of gameplay decisions and possible development issues that might not be apparent at first glance. And since Suzy Cube‘s developer has managed to nail the game’s touch controls, it makes him an expert in my book.

The blog post goes into the technical details behind using Unity to start building the controls and making sure the game controls well on all kinds of devices. Then, he goes into more depth on how he developed the touch controls, with details on what kind of floating joystick worked better and how even small changes can make a huge difference in how a game feels. He then goes on to talk about how he developed the game’s camera controls and all the constraints that come with that. Overall, this is a pretty cool post that lets you see the way developers go about perfecting touch controls and should give you a better sense of why Suzy Cube plays the way it does. The game is still in beta, and you can find out more about it in our forums.


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