New ‘Minecraft’ T-Shirts Look Like Cool Comic Book Covers

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If there’s something the world has plenty of right now is Minecraft ($6.99) merchandise, since there’s no shortage of clothes, toys, and accessories. Still, sometimes you see a very cool Minecraft-related item, and that’s the case with the latest t-shirts based on the huge game. These latest Minecraft t-shirts have fake comic book covers on the front based on different Minecraft adventures, and they look really nice. All of them are themed as tales from different biomes or locations from the game, and they are a smart way of celebrating all the crazy adventures one can have in the game as well as get away from having t-shirts that just have a creeper on them (so many of those out there). There’s Tales from the Nether, Tales from The End, and many others, all of them really well-done.

The designer behind these t-shirts is Atomic Rocket, and he recently talked about the inspiration behind these t-shirt designs. He explains the challenge of creating comic book covers, where one dynamic image needs to convey a whole story and clearly show the hero’s (Steve’s in this case) challenges and struggles. He also describes his creative process behind these t-shirts, which is a cool, short guide for those of you into art. I don’t usually care much about Minecraft t-shirts, but I really like these ones because of all the detail they include and the clever take on the comic art form. And I’d like to read those comics. You can get the t-shirts from here.

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