‘Crash of Cars’ Latest Update Adds Private Matches and New Cars

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Crash of Cars (Free), the .io-style real-time multiplayer game that lets you smash people’s cars with (relative) impunity, got a new update that adds a much-awaited feature, private matches. It’s one thing to smash the cars of people you don’t know or don’t care about, and it’s another to go car-Hulk on friends and family. Nothing like the smell of familial trolling, I think. The private matches mode allows you to join up to 5 other players and either play Deathmatch or Crown Collect. I suspect this mode will give you another reason to hop in Crash of Cars and play. The update also added a new Mine map that looks all retro and comes with some tight spaces to navigate.

And, as you would expect, the update also brings new cars to the game. There’s a total of 6 new cars, including a fork lift loaded with a temperamental explosive barrel. The developers also posted in our forums that this update should make it harder to cheat, which should satisfy some of our forum readers who were complaining about having to deal with people not playing by the rules. The update is live now, so go check it out and drop into our forum thread if you want to talk to the developers and offer sage advice.

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