Vlambeer’s ‘Ridiculous Fishing’ Has Finally Been Updated With 64-Bit Support and More

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Ever since it launched in 2013 to universal critical acclaim, including our very own prestigious Game of the Year accolade, Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99) has remained a mainstay on my premier page of App Store games on my iPhone. As a result, while compiling our extensive 32-bit Appocalypse guide of titles that will vanish with iOS 11, it was somewhat of a surprise to see the very same game appear as one under threat of an impending 64-bit extinction. It turns out that despite feeling fresh throughout the passage of time, Ridiculous Fishing had not received an update since December 2013, and so was still stuck in a 32-bit rut. Amidst the resulting confusion from such a high profile title seemingly being neglected, developer Vlambeer quickly assured us that the game would be modernised for iOS 11. Today, Ridiculous Fishing has received its first update after almost four years, which brings the title up to 64-bit standard and also adds new speedrun leaderboards and haptic feedback for newer iPhone and iPad devices.

It’s great to see Ridiculous Fishing survive the cull of older classic applications that are not 64-bit compatible, as it is a true mobile gaming classic that is as essential today as it was in 2013. With the long-awaited Ridiculous Fishing update being cancelled because of a change in the developer’s creative vision, it’s understandable that many within the iOS community were cynical about whether Ridiculous Fishing would be saved in time. It is therefore a relief to have these doubts firmly banished, as Vlambeer’s proactive work ensures what many regard as their magnum opus survives the test of time.

Now the attention shifts to Super Crate Box (Free), and whether its update that has repeatedly been promised since December 2012 will eventually reach the App Store. In that time, Nintendo have been doomed and un-doomed, SEGA have released a good Sonic game, Supercell have taken over the App Store, and I have reached legal drinking age and graduated university (both of which are definitely not linked). While the promise of more content is perhaps a pipe dream at this point, I would love to see Super Crate Box finally become compatible with the latest iPhones and survive the 32-bit Appocalypse. Hopefully Vlambeer can finally fulfil Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption’s subtitle and bring Super Crate Box to a new generation of mobile gamers soon.

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