Blizzard Responds to the Druid Issues Plaguing ‘Hearthstone’

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As you probably know by now if you’ve been reading anything on Hearthstone (Free) or been playing the game the last week, Druid decks appear to be overpowered and are leaving many players frustrated. Complaints about overpowered decks and cards are nothing new in Hearthstone, but they do seem to be louder than usual this time around. Many players are convinced (wrongly or not) that Druid decks right now might be the most powerful decks even in the history of the game. So, Dean Ayala, Hearthstone‘s game designer, went on reddit to respond. He talked about recent statistics by the popular website Vicious Syndicate (which saw Druid as surpassing the popularity of the infamous Undertaker Hunter) and pointed out how the stats discussed in that story weren’t comparable and that Druid right now isn’t as popular as some other historic decks.

He also responded to those asking for a Druid nerf and said that 5 days of popularity aren’t abnormal this early in an expansion. It’s too early to tell whether the current Druid power level will prevent the normal metagame cycle from happening. He then went on to talk about some of the problematic cards (Innervate, Swipe, Wild Growth, Ultimate Infenstation, and more). A card like Ultimate Infestation, for instance, doesn’t appear to be responsible for Druid’s power or popularity according to internal statistics, but because it’s such a flashy, cool design, players hold it responsible. You can read the reddit post here. What’s your opinion on the current state of Druid decks?

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