‘Danmaku Unlimited 3’ Is Now Available on iOS with a Launch Discount

We’re big fans of Sunny Tam’s Danmaku Unlimited games. The original released on iOS around six years ago and it still plays brilliantly. Since then we’ve seen a sequel on iOS and a third entry launch on Steam back in March. Danmaku Unlimited 3 ($0.99) is finally available on iOS. This entry has no ads or IAP and is a fully premium release. It is also currently available at a launch discount which will go up closer to the Steam price of $9.99. I can’t remember what made me buy the first game but it was a great decision because I’ve put in far too much time into both Danmaku Unlimited [$1.99 / Free] and Danmaku Unlimited 2 [$4.99 / Free]. If you’re a fan of bullet hell shoot em ups, these games are absolutely worth checking out. Check out the trailer below:

As with the first two entries, Danmaku Unlimited 3 controls brilliantly and has a kickass soundtrack. You can hear a taste of it in the trailer. The description on the App Store also states that this is a 1:1 port of the PC version with more than 25 weapon combinations and multiple difficulty options. The launch discount is only available for a limited time. There are some fancy GIFs of it in action in the forum thread as well. It is nice to see Sunny Tam bring the newest entry back to where the series began even if it is a few months later.