TouchArcade Is Featured on This Week’s Game Hugs Podcast

Every week Jared and I get together to gab on our podcast, but we typically just focus on the latest iOS news and games, rarely getting much deeper than that. If you were ever curious of my own origin story and what weird life path eventually led me to TouchArcade, I sat down with Jasom Imms, the host of the Game Hugs Podcast to talk about all that and more. Along the way we talk about guns, the oddities on spending habits in free to play versus premium games, and tons more.

Check it out:

If you like this episode, be sure to take a look at the rest of the episodes, which feature similar interviews, often with people in the mobile games industry. I always like these sort of games industry podcasts with behind the scenes vibes, if you’re in a similar boat, Game Hugs will be right up your alley.