‘Minecraft Marketplace’ Gets New Skin Packs and a Dungeon from Partners in ‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99) had a marketplace for skin packs and more content launch in the discovery update in the form of the Minecraft Marketplace. This is a store where you can buy skin packs, maps, texture packs, and more. Everything requires an Xbox Live account (which you probably have if you play Minecraft: Pocket Edition) and Minecraft Coins. These coins are available through IAPs. Initially content sold will be limited to partners, and a new batch of content from Minecraft Partners has been made available.

Infinity Dungeon EX: This is a new version of a popular map from Jigarbov that has randomized dungeon with parkour, combat, puzzles, and more. This is finally available on iOS for 830 Minecraft Coins.

The rest of the new content is skin packs from Noxcrew, Eneija, and Razzleberry Fox. The Skin Packs cost 310 Minecraft Coins each. There is also a classic console texture pack that made its way to Minecraft: Pocket Edition today in the form of the Steampunk Texture pack. Are you planning on picking up any of the packs?

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