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‘Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story’ Is the Sequel to the Hit ‘A Normal Lost Phone’

A Normal Lost Phone ($1.99) got quite a bit of praise when it released a few months ago partly because of how it didn’t shy away from “controversial" issues and how it dove into a person’s private life. Accidental Queens, the developers of A Normal Lost Phone, revealed today the spiritual successor to the first game, and it’s called Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story. The sequel of sorts will use the same kind of basic gameplay—where the whole action takes place in someone’s phone—but will bring a completely new mystery with new puzzles and a new storyline.

Another Lost Phone will also dive into important and controversial issues, so don’t expect to play a light, fluffy game. The developers pointed out how surprised they were at the impact the original game had and have decided to continue exploring the kinds of issues not usually the fare of video games. Using the device (pun intended) of a phone to tell a story is pretty smart since we live in a time where our phones are pretty honest mirrors of ourselves. The game will release this fall, so get ready to explore another phone.